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Virtual Event is an integrated learning platform to deliver the virtual training sessions. A Learning Platform is an inclusive structure facilitating secure and e-learning solution that engages a simple and user-friendly interface. The virtual event platform has taken away almost all limits on education.

No Limitation

No longer are we limited to learning what's available to us in a physical classroom or library. Access to a computer, tablet or smartphone enables us to tap into more information than we could possibly imagine. Since the modern world is becoming more and more frenetic. Though many people want to develop their education, it can be difficult to commit to traditional courses.

Any Time, Anay Where, Desire Platform

The Virtual Event allows learners to dip in and out at times that suit them. Learners can also engage with this education system wherever they are, on whatever digital device is available to them. Low tuition fee, Self-paced learning, higher learning efficiency, increase convenience and flexibility, greater ability to concentrate are the unique features of this platform.

Our Services what is you are looking for...

Online Course, Workshop, Webinar

if you eager to learn related hands-on skill to your profession at an optimum time, we are here to assist you to find your required training in a Vevent platform. If you are a specialist and would like to share your experiences with others around the world, this platform easily serves you to convey your knowledge and expertise with other enthusiasts.

Online Metting InfraStructure

If you own a business that requires to have a lot of private or public meetings, our virtual meeting infrastructure will provide you with this service with ultimate users’ satisfaction. Besides the Vevent platform delivers abundant features such as documenting of meeting contents, immediate access and distribution of the necessary documents during the live session, system approachability for participants from any geographical locations, limiting participation in a discussion session for individuals at different levels and etc.

Value Added Services

Vevent provide you many diffrent value added online services such as sessions technical supporter (TA), sessions recording , Online survey, Online Certificates and ...

Teachers Meet Professional Trainers

Leilee Javidi
Leilee Javidi
Software Engineering
Pedram Daee
Pedram Daee
Computer Science, Machine Learning
Safir Language Academy
Safir Language Academy
Teaching Languages
Morteza Hadavi
Morteza Hadavi
Electronic Commerce

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